15 Feb

prepare to launch

I am one who trully loves an adventure. I enjoy a good walk, a kayak trip or traveling abroad. I have learned to enjoy the preparation as part of the experience thus, I often appreciate an adventure more fully than most.  In fact, by planning ahead I am better able to get the most out of my adventure with the least tension.

Tension like frustration are emotions which don’t play well for most of us. In fact, these emotions can steal ones energy and joy.  I prefer to have joy and energy in abundance. I have found by breaking any task or endeavor into manageable pieces I can enjoy the adventure instead of stress about it.

This holds true when planning for any life change: a new home, new family member, new position or a new career endeavor. Each can be very exciting and rewarding if one takes the time to prepare and allow time to anticipate the joys and challenges yet to come.

Then, with eyes wide open, a smile on your face and provisions for the journey the adventure can be a lot more FUN!

 How about you? Have you found ways to prepare and anticipate so that you can better appreciate the everyday adventures of your life? Learning to enjoy our day to day challenges takes some practice but, it is well worth it.

One of my life rules is to “Have FUN!” even when working hard. If for some reason I am not “having fun”I take the responsibility to make the adjustments~ In most cases it is my state of mind which needs an adjustment.

I hope you have found the reward in preparation, anticipation, intentional joy and learning to love a new adventure or challenge. In mastering these characteristics you are ready to launch fearlessly.

3-2-1 “LAUNCH”

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  1. anne mayer February 17, 2011 at 9:04 am #

    Hi Denise! Its Anne from Heartland. I saw your departure on Linked In and LOVED meeting you and talking to you at the summits and when we were in Asheville! Your vitality is infectious. Love the website…stay in touch! I am considering launching a coaching and training company….interested?

    • Denise David February 26, 2011 at 8:48 am #

      Anne, I wish you the best with you coaching idea.

      Have been practicing as a coach for sometime and it is an invaluable experience for all.

      Take Care!

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